Executive Coaching Infused With Human Design

Executive Coaching Infused with Human Design

I work with executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders to unlock their full potential and lead with authenticity. Are you ready to lead with impact?
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    Let’s rewrite how we talk about coaching.

    Often, coaching is only seen as a painkiller – a tool that’s used for people who are feeling stuck or unfulfilled. And yes, coaching is amazing for unlocking your greatest potential; however, coaching is also an excellent vitamin. A resource that can take your whole person – business, career, personal life, etc. – to the next level, even if things are going well. Up for promotion or want to accelerate your career? Let coaching supercharge your success.
    So, do you need a painkiller or a vitamin… or perhaps both?
    Painkiller: I get it – today’s professionals often find themselves successful yet unfulfilled. Despite having their basic needs met, they crave a deeper sense of purpose and struggle with vicious cycles of burnout, feeling stuck, and sometimes losing their identity to their profession. How do I know? Because I lived this life – on paper I looked wildly successful but internally I was not following my joy. I was following my job. Until I discovered my inner purpose and learned how to teach others to do the same.

    Vitamin: Whether you are a CEO, celebrity influencer with several seven-figure businesses, or just starting your career, you deserve a coach that can accelerate your dreams into promotions, scaling businesses, or fulfilling creative projects.

    My coaching programs ignite transformation by helping individuals and organizations feel reinvigorated by their lives and careers, tap into their personal power, and experience lasting wellbeing.

    For Individuals

    For Organizations

    My Coaching Philosophy

    People come to coaches seeking transformation, but that’s not the first step.
    In fact, that’s actually the last step.

    My coaching services are built upon a robust three-pillar framework I meticulously crafted to facilitate lasting, holistic transformation. This framework focuses on cultivating self-awareness, fostering personal and professional inner alignment, and ultimately, empowering personal transformation.

    Three Pillars of Transformation


    Uncover your blind spots, clarify your goals, define your path to alignment.


    Dismantle self-limiting beliefs and cultivate empowering practices for unshakable confidence.


    Create a roadmap for success, achieve your professional goals and live an intentionally designed life.

    I Am Ready to Kickoff Phase One

    My Team Deserves Phase One

    Case Studies

    Meet Janice

    Attorney with 10 years of work experience.

    Client Background: After working in law firms and as in-house counsel, Janice felt stuck and unmotivated. In the past, Janice was a high performer but was underperforming in her role.

    Meet Diana

    Senior Product Leader at SF-based startup ($140M raised)

    Client Background: Diana was a high performer but needed coaching on accelerating her career and finding her voice on a senior team.

    Retreats & Speaking Engagements

    Elevate your event or retreat with Jacques’ expertise. Tap into the wisdom of Human Design and Executive Coaching for personal breakthroughs, team cohesion, and holistic wellness.

    Hi! I’m Jacques.

    Trained by the executive coach for Steve Jobs and one of the global leaders in Human Design, my unique blend of traditional coaching modalities and progressive tools like Human Design and the Enneagram, allow me to guide individuals, executives, founders, and teams seeking leadership, team-building, and innovative professional development experiences.

    Prior to coaching, I honed my skills across corporate law and startups. After graduating from Harvard Law School, I advised on $50B+ deals and co-founded a successful digital health company. My transition was fueled by a passion to guide others towards balance and discovering their own North Star, as well as a commitment to fostering inclusive and empowering workplaces.

    Whether you’re a leader seeking clarity, a team looking to enhance collaboration, or an individual navigating a career shift, allow me to be your guide.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What exactly do you do?

    I help leaders become extraordinary versions of themselves. By combining in-depth Human Design analysis with tailored executive coaching, I guide my clients towards profound self-understanding. This clarity allows them to harness their unique strengths effectively, make powerful decisions, and create lasting positive impact within their organizations and lives.

    I’m passionate about working with you in the way that best suits your needs.  Here are some possibilities:

    • 1:1 Individual Coaching: Personalized deep dives to unlock your maximum potential. 
    • Corporate Programs and Offsites: Custom-designed programs to elevate team dynamics, enhance leadership, and boost organizational performance.
    • Group Retreats: Immersive experiences that offer self-discovery, strategic alignment, and a supportive community.
    • Speaking Engagements: I’d love to tailor a talk that inspires and uplifts your group.

    I offer a complimentary discovery call where we can explore if coaching is the perfect next step for your personal development journey. We’ll have a chance to get to know each other a bit better, and I’ll ask questions to understand your aspirations and the goals you’d like to achieve.  Together, we can discuss any challenges you’re facing and explore how coaching could help you overcome them.  I’ll also introduce you to the basics of Human Design and how it provides a framework for empowering self-discovery. 

    You’ll get insights into my coaching philosophy, the roadmap we might follow, and get a sense of my coaching style.  By the end of the call, you’ll have a clearer idea if coaching with me feels like the right fit for your needs and preferences.

    Ready to take the plunge? Book your free discovery call today.

    My coaching philosophy has a structured framework with three distinct phases, each designed to address specific areas of growth. This provides a clear roadmap, but I also want you to feel empowered in steering your journey. If you have specific goals or challenges that you’d like to prioritize, we can absolutely adapt our focus within the framework. Ultimately, this is about your goals, and I want you to feel ownership of your progress.

    Coaching is a powerful way to invest in yourself, and naturally, you want to see a return on that investment. From the very beginning, we’ll work together to define precisely what success means to you and/or your organization. We’ll set clear, measurable goals and your program won’t be a generic template; it will be designed specifically for you and your unique needs. Throughout our work, we’ll continuously track your progress against these goals, using a combination of coaching tools, your feedback, and trackable milestones.

    This flexibility means we can celebrate successes and make adjustments as needed.

    Of course! You can find them here. 

    Human Design is a system that combines astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbalah, and the Chakra system to provide insights into your unique energetic blueprint and life purpose.

    Think of Human Design Centers as energy powerhouses within you. Each center has distinct characteristics and themes. Some may be defined (colored in), while others remain undefined (white), indicating areas where you draw in energies from others.

    It’s simple!
    1. Just visit my “Free Human Design Bodygraph Chart“ page.
    2. Enter your birth information, and click ‘Generate.’
    3. Your chart will be ready in under 30 seconds.

    Yes, Human Design can provide valuable insights into your career path, work style, and how you relate to others. Understanding your design can help you align with work that fulfills you and improve communication and compatibility in relationships.

    Human Design is a tool for self-discovery and personal growth, and its accuracy depends on how well it resonates with you. While it’s not a predictive or scientific system, many people find it to be a valuable framework for understanding themselves and navigating life. Learn more.

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