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Executive Coaching infused with Human Design. I work with executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders to unlock their full potential and lead with authenticity. Are you ready to lead with impact?
Human Design Centers | Jacques Anderson

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    What if understanding your Human Design Centers was key to unlocking your superpowers?

    Human Design is a tool for radical self-discovery.

    It represents a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences that is based on your birth date, time and location, and provides you with a roadmap of who your soul came here to be. Human Design identifies your innate gifts, provides strategies for creating a life with more flow, and so much more. Grab your free Bodygraph below to start your journey.

    Expert Human Design Services | Jacques Anderson

    Hi! I’m Jacques.

    At a time when I felt emotionally depleted and was searching for ways to bring joy back into my life, discovering Human Design sparked a transformational journey that allowed me to align with my soul’s calling and experience more flow in my daily life. Now I’m on a mission to help others embark on their own self-discovery journeys.

    Informative yet actionable – that is the guiding principle I bring to my work and often cited as a top reason clients enjoy working with me.

    Curious about where to start?

    Here’s some guidance:

    Installment payments available through Stripe and Paypal!

    Human Design Overview, Human Design Audio Overview Grid | Jacques Anderson
    10-15 minute voice memo
    Shape Line | Jacques Anderson
    This option is recommended for people who are curious about Human Design but not ready to invest in a comprehensive reading. People should choose this option if they simply want the highlights of their (or another person’s) Human Design chart, plus recommended next steps and journal prompts.

    Price: $50

    Human Design Energy Roadmap | Jacques Anderson
    40+ page written report
    Shape Line | Jacques Anderson
    This option is recommended for people who want a comprehensive overview of their (or another person’s) Human Design chart but are not ready to invest in a reading. People should choose this option if they want to receive most of the information covered in a Human Design 101 reading, but at their own pace and timing.

    Price: $95

    Expert Human Design Services about | Jacques Anderson
    90 minute 1:1 virtual meeting
    Shape Line | Jacques Anderson
    Recommended for people who want a comprehensive overview of their Human Design chart in an interactive setting. During a reading, we will explore how each piece of your chart fits together to paint a beautiful picture of your energy and potential. You are able to ask questions and I am able to offer a more personalized approach to understanding your Human Design.

    Price: $250

    Human Design Gates, Human Design 201, | Jacques Anderson
    90 minute 1:1 virtual meeting
    Shape Line | Jacques Anderson
    This option is recommended for people who have previously received a Human Design 101 reading from me (or a foundational Human Design reading from another guide) and want to go deeper. During this reading, we will dive deep regarding your innate superpowers, key life themes, and possible areas of challenge and/or conditioning.

    Price: $250

    Human Design Coaching | Jacques Anderson
    30-60 minute 1:1 virtual meeting
    Shape Line | Jacques Anderson
    This option is recommended if you received an audio file, energy roadmap or reading, and have additional questions or topics you would like to explore. This is great for people who want to choose their own adventure. Book either a 30-minute or 60-minute session.

    Price: $90-180

    Human Design Partnership Reading | Jacques Anderson
    Two Hour Virtual Meeting
    Shape Line | Jacques Anderson
    This option is recommended for partners (professional, romantic, friendship, etc) who want a joint overview of their Human Design charts in an interactive setting. During the reading, we will explore how your charts fit together to paint a beautiful picture of shared energy and potential.

    Price: $350

    Human Design Workshops | Jacques Anderson
    90 minute 1:1 virtual meeting
    Shape Line | Jacques Anderson
    This option is recommended if you want to take your integration of Human Design to the next level. These sessions are designed as workshops to further unpack your ‘Authentic Code’ and how you can design your daily life with your Authentic Code and Human Design in mind. Workshops can be offered 1:1 or for groups (retreats, corporate meetings, bachelorette parties).

    Price: $250

    Interested in a Corporate workshop? Email:

    Feedback from past clients

    Video Testimonials
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    Sebastien, a Manifestor, had a profound experience during his Human Design 101 reading with Jacques.

    Learn how Jacques provided valuable insights that influenced both Sebastien’s career and personal life. Sebastien also highlights Jacques’ genuine care and dedication – Jacques spent extra time during the reading to unpack Sebastien’s unique design and followed up with additional resources and personal check-ins.

    If you’re curious about Human Design’s potential impact, Sebastien’s testimonial illustrates its positive and transformative effects. 🖤

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    Kristen, an experienced Projector in Human Design, found Jacques’ Human Design workshop transformative.

    Listen for the elements that Kristen particularly enjoyed about the workshop – in particular, how Jacques provided exercises and tips for integrating Human Design into everyday life. 💫

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    Initially unsure of what to expect, Katie found her Human Design Workshop on Discovering Your Authentic Code with Jacques to be insightful, accurate, and validating.

    Watch Katie’s testimonial to learn how developing her Authentic Code reduced some of her anxiety and provided a lasting sense of inner calm.🧘‍♀️

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    Witness the awe-inspiring power of Human Design in Morgan’s journey.

    After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Morgan embarked on a healing and wellness journey to create a life that felt nourishing and more aligned.

    Discover how Human Design had an incredible impact on Morgan’s life – empowering her to make courageous decisions in support of her creative genius as a Manifestor.

    Her story is an incredible example of how Human Design can be the guiding light to tapping into our own inner North Star 🌟


    Curious about human design?

    Frequently asked questions

    What is Human Design?

    Human Design is a system that combines astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbalah, and the Chakra system to provide insights into your unique energetic blueprint and life purpose.

    What are Human Design Centers?

    Think of Human Design Centers as energy powerhouses within you. Each center has distinct characteristics and themes. Some may be defined (colored in), while others remain undefined (white), indicating areas where you draw in energies from others.

    How can I get my free Human Design Bodygraph Chart?

    It’s simple!

    1. Just visit my Free Human Design Bodygraph Chart page.
    2. Enter your birth information, and click ‘Generate.’
    3. Your chart will be ready in under 30 seconds.

    How can a Human Design reading benefit me?

    A Human Design reading can provide valuable insights into your strengths, challenges, and life purpose. It can help you make decisions aligned with your authentic self, improve relationships, and navigate life’s challenges more effectively.

    How does a Human Design reading work?

    During a Human Design reading, I will interpret your Human Design Bodygraph chart to uncover your energy type, strategy, authority, and other key elements, providing guidance and recommendations based on your design.

    Can Human Design help me with my career or relationships?

    Yes, Human Design can provide valuable insights into your career path, work style, and how you relate to others. Understanding your design can help you align with work that fulfills you and improve communication and compatibility in relationships.

    How accurate is Human Design?

    Human Design is a tool for self-discovery and personal growth, and its accuracy depends on how well it resonates with you. While it’s not a predictive or scientific system, many people find it to be a valuable framework for understanding themselves and navigating life. Learn more.

    Yes! I offer group workshops for retreats, corporate settings, and group trips (e.g., bachelorette parties).

    Please email for further information.

    Your journey starts here.

    Whether you’d like to go at your own pace or need 1-on-1 guidance, I can support you on your Human Design journey.

    1:1 Reading

    Get a comprehensive deep dive into your human design, as well as actionable next steps to confidently lean into your design.

    Personalized Report

    Get a 50+ page digital report that details your unique Human Design.

    Video Workshops

    Custom videos that you can watch on-demand that provide more detail regarding elements of your human design.
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