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I decided to take the leap and book my first-ever retreat with Jacques & Sara... and I'm so glad I did! I was searching for a way to deepen my wellness journey, connect with like-minded people, and actually take a sacred pause. I was a little nervous at first, but I quickly felt at ease thanks to the welcoming atmosphere they both created.

By far the meditation and yoga in the morning was a highlight. Getting up early can be hard, but those mindful moments set a beautiful tone for the entire day. What stood out was the feeling of true escape. This isn't just a getaway; it's a place to feel completely nurtured and supported on your wellness journey. And just loved on!!

If you’ve done a lot of retreats or this is your first one, I 10/10 recommend joining a retreat hosted by Jacques and Sara. It's a chance to unwind, learn, connect, and connect to the inner magic within.

Sarah S,
Marketing Manager,

EVERYONE deserves a session with Jacques! I am blown away by not only what I learned about myself, but also about the tools she provided to improve my approach to relationships, life, and work.

After learning about the Human Design modality through an old co-worker of mine, my husband and I worked with Jacques on a partner reading. It was both incredibly impactful to each of us individually, and as a couple. Through this experience, I felt my most inner strengths, motivations, and patterns brought to the surface.

While humbling, it was also relieving: “I am like this!”

Jacques provided incredible insights that distilled my husband’s and my communication and energy patterns.

The best part: Jacques created clear and actionable strategies to really clear a path for the – shall I say – “less collaborative” parts of each of us to not get in the way.

For example, my husband is a person who makes decisions with his gut instinct, which varies distinctly from my need to mull over information and make decisions after sitting with my options for a period. So, Jacques suggested that I ask my husband more “yes or no” questions to help him decide on a perspective, and that he provide me with time and space to think before pressing me for a decision. Now, when we approach each other with this understanding, there’s less back-and-forth to reach a conclusion. This was just the tip of the iceberg! Jacques provided a litany of insights and frameworks to support us as individuals navigating the world, and as a couple building a life together.

Jacques’s approach was kind, curious, and no-nonsense.

I felt very seen and embraced, without any kind of judgment or demands. She did an amazing job zooming into the thornier issues with a gentle and empathetic approach.

There was no “beating around the bush,” in the best way possible! I can’t say it enough – everyone deserves to have a reading with Jacques to improve their understanding of self in service of their work, life, and everything in between!

Charlotte P,
Fashion Executive ,

Jacques is an absolute gem! From our initial conversations, she understood exactly what I wanted to achieve: a deeper understanding of how my team operates and practical tools for enhancing our dynamic. She facilitated two amazing group workshops, introducing Human Design and Executive Coaching concepts in a way that was both relatable and actionable.

I'm always seeking ways to empower my team, have better collaboration, and invest in professional development. That's why I decided to partner with Jacques for group coaching and individual sessions – and it was one of the best decisions I've made for my business.

The individual sessions were a hit with the team! My team couldn't stop raving about the personalized insights they gained, and how it directly translated into improved communication and workflow. One of our team members who had been struggling truly turned things around with Jacques's guidance!

What makes Jacques stand out is her ability to combine deep knowledge of business + coaching with a solutions-oriented approach. She didn't just provide theory; she helped us implement real-world strategies to optimize our strengths, address points of friction, and create a more supportive, successful team environment.

I loved working with Jacques and I plan to bring her back for a corporate offsite. If you want to team, I highly recommend Jacques!

Elena K,
CEO & Founder, Design Firm ,

If you're feeling stuck, burned out, and ready for a change, you need Jacques in your life! As an executive constantly battling overwhelm, I was desperate to ignite a spark in my career. I craved direction, purpose, and a way to break free from the hamster wheel.

That's when I discovered Jacques and her unique blend of Human Design and executive coaching. It was a lifeline. Through her program, I learned that I'm a Manifesting Generator, designed for multiple passions and career shifts. This revelation was incredibly validating!

Jacques' insights were like a missing puzzle piece. Understanding my design gave me permission to stop forcing a traditional career trajectory and start exploring the possibilities that truly excite me. With her support, I made the bold decision to pivot industries while launching a side project!!!

The results have been nothing short of life-changing. Jacques doesn't just provide a roadmap; she equips you with tools to navigate challenges, understand your decision-making style, and embrace the fullness of who you are. I was so inspired by the impact that I've signed up for additional sessions!

Whether you're contemplating a major pivot or want to elevate your career, Jacques is an insightful, supportive, and transformative coach. Her approach is both empowering and practical. I can't recommend her enough.

Erica M,
Sales Executive ,
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