What is the Solar Plexus Center?

Spleen Center | Jacques Anderson

“Self-awareness gives you the capacity to learn from your mistakes as well as your successes.”
– Lawrence Bossidy

Have you ever wondered about the energies within you? What’s consistent? Variable?

Think of the Human Design Energy Centers as a navigational guide, illustrating the pathways of your energy flow.

These nine centers function as the boiler room of the soul, fueling our mental, emotional, and physical experiences.

Introduction to Human Design Energy Centers

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At the heart of our energetic blueprint lie the nine Human Design Energy Centers, vibrant vortexes of life force that influence our behavior, attitudes, and life experiences.

Like the chakras in ancient wisdom, these energy hubs each hold unique qualities and functions, influencing aspects from mental processes to emotional responses.

They serve as the powerhouses that contribute to our holistic well-being, making them a crucial subject in our journey of understanding self, optimizing flow and deconditioning societal programming.

The Human Design Energy Centers consist of the Crown, Ajna, Throat, G, Heart, Solar Plexus, Spleen, Sacral, and Root Centers.

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Each Center stands as a representation of different aspects of our life, from creativity, communication, love and identity, intuition, wisdom, and survival. Imagine each center as a different musical instrument in an orchestra, and the music created as the ‘symphony of your life.’

Importance of Understanding the Energy Centers

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If you’ve ever wondered what fuels your best decisions, habits, traits, and reactions, look no further than your energy centers.

These centers hold the potential to unlock the mystery of your autopilot self and a deeper understanding of how you interact with the world on a primal level.

The beauty of this system lies in its ability to offer not just self-awareness, but an opportunity to step out of conditioned behaviors.

Each of your energy centers has a designated purpose, influencing various facets of your life, from communication and emotional guidance to logic and intuition.

Understanding each center, whether it’s defined (colored in) or undefined (white), in your personal Human Design Chart, can help you embrace your highest self and live life more freely and authentically.

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This understanding can redefine relationships, foster better decision-making, unleash creativity, and embrace acceptance of others and their individual paths.

Beyond self-understanding, awareness of your energy centers can also help you navigate interpersonal dynamics.

As you interact with others, their defined and undefined centers leave an impact on you and vice versa.

This conscious awareness of energy dynamics can elevate your relationship with others and create acceptance and respect for individuality.

Having a grasp of your energy centers is essentially a doorway to transformation and personal growth.

It’s about recognizing your inherent strengths and vulnerabilities, choosing a life of consciousness over autopilot, and ultimately turning that knowledge into wisdom by living your design.

Difference Between Undefined and Defined Centers

Undefined Centers | Jacques Anderson

Approximately 70% of people have at least one undefined energy center in their Human Design chart.

Your Human Design chart features two types of Energy Centers: Defined and Undefined.

Defined Centers, colored in, represent consistent energy and traits within us. Essentially, they are the aspects of our personality that remain reliable throughout our lives.

On the other hand, Undefined Centers, white in the chart, are where we experience inconsistent energy and take in the energies from our environment.

They provide us with versatility and open us up to the range of human experience.

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However, they may also cause us to adopt or amplify traits from others, leading to areas of conditioning.

But don’t worry, we all experience some level of conditioning, the important thing is being AWARE of where you might have some misalignment with your authentic self.

Undefined Centers present both challenges and opportunities.

They can create barriers to our authentic expression; however, they can also provide us the flexibility, adaptability, and potential for growth in the areas they represent.

Defined Centers, on the other hand, shape our consistent behaviors and play a crucial role in guiding us. These centers are the parts of us that remain unwavering – our undeniable truths.

The Impact of Undefined Centers

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Undefined centers play a significant role in shaping an individual’s experiences and interactions with the world.

Unlike defined centers, which have a consistent and fixed energy output, undefined centers are more adaptable, absorbing and amplifying energies from their surroundings.

Let’s discuss how undefined centers can have an impact.

Heightened Sensitivity

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Where someone has an undefined center, they may experience heightened sensitivity in that area. For example, someone with an undefined Solar Plexus may feel others’ emotions much more intensely than someone with a defined Solar Plexus.

This ability can be a double-edged sword – it’s a powerful empathic tool but can also lead to overstimulation or emotional fatigue if not managed properly.

People with a majority of undefined centers may have a heightened sensitivity to others’ emotions, energies, fears, and environments.

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Large crowds and gatherings may overload their nervous system.

This sensitivity often traces back to childhood; however, understanding that they were designed to embrace and experience being sensitive in this lifetime can be very liberating.

Ebb and Flow of Energy

times it's tranquil | Jacques Anderson

Energy within an undefined center can be like the ebb and flow of an ocean – sometimes it’s strong, other times it’s tranquil.

Creating an ever-changing canvas of moods, desires, and ideas, enabling you to explore and appreciate an extraordinary kaleidoscope of perspectives and emotions.

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Yet, this fluidity makes us susceptible to influences from others.

Recognizing these influences can empower us to embrace the diversity of our experiences while maintaining authenticity.

This is the key to learning about the Human Design energy centers: understanding.

Both understanding of yourself and others.

Tapping Into the Energy of Others

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Do you sometimes feel like you’re living vicariously through others who seem more energetic?

It’s possible you’re ‘borrowing’ energy from someone with a defined center. While this can feel a bit like straddling two worlds, it’s not a bad thing.

In fact, once you know it exists you can use it to your advantage by intentionally going around people who might have a little energy or extra oomph that you can tap into.

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For example, I have an undefined Sacral (I’m a Projector), and sometimes when I’m feeling a little low energy but need to meet a deadline, I’ll go to a coffee shop or work near my partner – effectively, tapping into their energy to generate a boost of my own.

Conditioning From Outsiders

enlightening yet challenging process | Jacques Anderson

One key challenge associated with undefined centers is the pressure to conform.

Since these centers easily mold to the energies around them, individuals may feel compelled to fit in or mirror those who have defined centers in specific areas.

This can sometimes result in feeling disconnected from self, especially when energies absorbed are not in alignment with one’s authentic self.

Experiencing conditioning in an undefined center can be an enlightening yet challenging process.

The key is to become aware of this conditioning and learn how to navigate it. We’ll hit more on this later.

The Impact of Defined Centers

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Defined centers hold several significant characteristics:

  • Consistent energy: Defined centers function predictably, providing you with a steady source of innate energy.
  • Reliable strengths: These centers offer unique talents or abilities that you can regularly tap into.
  • The foundation of personality: They help shape your choices, responses, and overall behavior.
  • Source of influence: Defined centers emit energy that can impact others around you.

Your defined centers act as zones where you carry your true energy.

You’ll find that these areas of your life are where you “shine”.

your core energiesv | Jacques Anderson

They are the parts of you that stay consistent over time, forming the foundational ‘rock’ upon which your unique expression of humanity is built.

In many ways, these centers are your steadfast traits, preferences, and patterns.

Understanding your defined centers can thus act as a key to knowing yourself better and leading a life in tune with your core energies.

But to be clear, having a higher number of defined centers doesn’t equate to superiority

to your lived experiences | Jacques Anderson

Every one of your centers, whether defined or undefined, holds equal significance. No center is inherently superior.

My father, who I love dearly, has eight out of nine defined centers, but is the most “it’s my way or the highway” person that I know – he’s often inflexible once convinced of something.

What truly matters is making friends with both your defined and undefined centers, and understanding how they contributed to your lived experiences.

The Solar Plexus Center: Seat of Emotional Waves

Many many womans photos | Jacques Anderson

The Solar Plexus Center is directly linked to our emotions and spirituality.

Whether witnessing a breathtaking sunset or feeling the pangs of a melancholic song, emotions flow through the Solar Plexus.

Given this, it’s not surprising that this center is the place where emotional intelligence and sensitivity originate.

When the Solar Plexus Center is defined, it means you’re designed to always be on an emotional wave.

You experience life through emotional waves which can range from peaks of joy to intense eruptions of emotion.

You’ll find yourself riding highs and lows, but rather than being a problem, this is your natural way of processing life.

And it’s simply out of your, and 50% of the population’s, control. Half of society has this center defined.

Emotions,melancholy, or passion | Jacques Anderson

There are three different types of emotional waves. They are the Tribal wave, the Individual wave, and the Abstract wave.

The Tribal wave correlates to familial and close-knit community feelings, often manifesting as consistent and subtle mood variations – often ratcheting up, exploding, and resetting.

The Individual wave manifests through an individual’s emotional landscape, encompassing various states such as moodiness, emotions, melancholy, or passion.

This wave typically maintains a steady course, characterized by a generally balanced emotional state, occasionally marked by minor and brief fluctuations.

Lastly, the Abstract wave functions through desire and emotional resonance.

It tends to fluctuate between peaks and valleys, rising with desire and falling when expectations aren’t fulfilled.

If these surges and declines happen frequently, they can present a challenge and unsettle an individual, especially if they lack awareness of this pattern.

The crucial aspect is engaging in experiences without attaching specific expectations to the outcome.

Understanding these waves helps in navigating emotional energy and deciding when to act or remain patient.

Maintain emotionaa | Jacques Anderson

When the Solar Plexus Center is undefined, emotions are often absorbed by others.

When the person is alone, they’re calm, cool, and collected; however, their openness makes them vulnerable to absorbing others’ emotional energies.

This absorption of energy can cause them to feel intense mood swings and energy when in the presence of others.

It’s essential for these individuals to understand this, to discern between what emotions are actually theirs and which ones they’ve picked up from others.

Therefore, understanding the feelings they’re experiencing and differentiating between what truly belongs to them and what doesn’t is crucial.

It enables them to navigate emotionally charged situations, making it easier to maintain emotional balance and well-being.

Accelerate the Deconditioning Process:
Journal Prompts for the Solar Plexus Center

Incredibly informative | Jacques Anderson

For accelerating the process of deconditioning, Solar Plexus Center-related journal prompts deal with emotions, feelings and responses to external stimuli.

Here, it’s important to remember that, whether you have a defined or undefined Solar Plexus Center, your emotional experiences can be rich, nuanced, and incredibly informative.

Prompts for Defined Solar Plexus Center:

  • Was there a moment today when I felt emotionally charged? What prompted it and how did I respond?
  • How do I manage the high and low points of my emotional waves?
  • What patterns in my emotional responses have I noticed and what can they reflect about my internal landscape?

Prompts for Undefined Solar Plexus Center:

  • Can I identify any emotions I may have absorbed from others today?
  • How did my interactions affect my emotional balance?
  • What emotional responses derived from me and which were reflections of others’ emotions?

In both cases, journaling brings to light the emotions cycling within you and the impact of others’ on your wellbeing.

To truly embrace your emotional potential, it’s essential to understand and become comfortable with the large capacity for feelings that the Solar Plexus Center carries.

Conclusion: Embrace the Power of Your Energy Centers

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In the complex dance of the nine Centers of Human Design, lies profound wisdom.

Like the multiple notes that create a beautiful melody, each Center brings its unique resonance to your life.

Understanding the defined and undefined aspects of these Centers can empower you to synchronize more harmoniously with the profound music of your being.

Undefined and defined centers each have their significant roles in our personality formation and in how we negotiate life – neither is better or worse.

It’s all about understanding their energy dynamics and learning to leverage them for your growth.

Remember, a defined center brings consistency and reliability, while an undefined center gives you flexibility and adaptability.

We’ve also explored how journal prompts can accelerate the deconditioning process.

These exercises can be the key to unlocking self-awareness, breaking from unhealthy patterns, and stepping into your power.

Beautiful mosaic that is you | Jacques Anderson

However, remember that deconditioning is not an overnight process; it involves patient introspection and, most importantly, gentleness towards yourself.

Remember, your journey of discovering and harnessing your Energy Centers is a continuous dance; there’s breadth for growth and evolution, just as we have periods of reflection and rest.

Embrace the power of your Energy Centers, and see how it transforms your life!

By tuning into your unique energetic blueprint, you’re taking the first step toward a deeper understanding of yourself and your interactions with the world.

Furthermore, harnessing the power of your energy centers allows you to align with your authentic self and make decisions that resonate with your inner truth.

By comprehending your energy centers, you learn to flow with life’s seasons while staying deeply rooted in your authentic self.

In closing, remember this: your energy centers, the stirring in your Crown, the soft whispers of your Ajna, the robust voice from your Throat, the love pouring from your Heart, the waves from your Solar Plexus, the gnawing instincts of your Spleen, the generous life force in your Sacral, and the steady pulse of your Root – they are all essential parts of the beautiful mosaic that is you.

Embrace them, love them, and allow them to guide you to your truest potential.

Your Transformative Journey Awaits

Transformative Journey Awaits | Jacques Anderson

Are you ready to start your journey of radical self-discovery? I invite you to take the next step by downloading your free Bodygraph from my website here.

If you’re ready to dive even deeper, consider scheduling a Human Design reading with me. More information can be found here.

No matter which path you take, I wish you luck on your journey of experimenting and leaning into your design!

Thank you for joining me on this adventure.

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Stay in touch! Follow the journey at @leanintoyourdesign on Instagram and TikTok.

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