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Jacques helps clients understand their unique human design, remember their soul’s purpose and live the lives they were created to live.

I found Human Design after experiencing an emotional ‘rock bottom’. My mom was suffering from the effects of a rare blood cancer, and as the only child of a single parent, being the sole caregiver took a toll on my physical and mental health.

As a 4/6 Splenic Projector, reading that it was natural for me to have inconsistent energy and receive pings from the universe was absolutely liberating.

Like many Projectors, I spent most of my early life competing with Generators or trying to be a Manifestor. Solving for traditional forms of security (e.g., getting what culturally passed as a good job, buying a home, etc.) was paramount and I viewed climbing the corporate ladder as a stable path.

Human Design 101, Human Design Inner Authority | Jacques Anderson

After graduating from Harvard Law School at age 24, I went on to become a Mergers & Acquisitions attorney at a New York City law firm, then director of legal and business affairs at a sports media startup.

Looking for an even bigger challenge where I could have even more impact, I co-founded a digital health startup to assist older adults as they age in place.

Now, I’m able to merge my corporate and startup background with Human Design principles to make the wonderful guidance that Human Design provides truly actionable.

Human Design provides everyone with a roadmap of their unique human expression and it’s my job as a coach and guide to not only unpack an individual’s Bodygraph but also provide real world helpful tools on how clients can incorporate this information into their daily lives.

Helping people identify their superpowers and address societal conditioning is part of my life’s work and I feel privileged to help guide others through their own transformational journeys.

Join me in leaning into your design.

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