Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for the Online Sale of Goods and Services

Section 1: Overview

Section 2: Order Acceptance and Cancellation

Section 3: Bookings and Changing your mind

Section 4: Prices and Payment Terms

Section 5: No Returns or Refunds

Section 6: Disclaimer of Warranties

Section 7: Limitation of Liability

Section 8: Intellectual Property Rights

Section 9: For Personal Use Only

Section 10: Privacy

Section 11: Third Party Websites

Section 12: Force Majeure

Section 13: Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Section 14: Dispute Resolution and Binding Arbitration

Section 15: Assignment

Section 16: No Waivers

Section 17: No Third-Party Beneficiaries

Section 18: Notices

Section 19: Severability

Section 20: Entire Agreement

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