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Projector? | Jacques Anderson

If there’s one type I know, it’s Projectors.

I’m a Projector. My mom and dad? Both Projectors. All of my best friends, in my entire life, including my life partner, all Projectors.

In sum, I have a PhD in understanding Projectors.

What is a Projector?

There are five distinct Energy Types in Human Design—Manifestors, Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors, and Reflectors.

These classifications capture how individuals navigate their paths. How they’ll share their gifts and energy with the world.

Projectors are here to share their gifts with the world by guiding, leading, and bringing efficiency.

Human Design Projectors

Imagine you’re a skilled director overseeing a huge Broadway musical.

Your role is to guide and orchestrate the performance, ensuring every element harmonizes flawlessly. This orchestration, akin to a Projector’s role in life, embodies wisdom, guidance, and an intrinsic understanding of what must get done.

Projectors in a Nutshell

Projectors in a Nutshell

Projectors only represent approximately 20% of the population.

Projectors do not have defined Sacral Centers, creating a unique relationship with energy. They’re divided into three types: Classic, Mental, and Energy Projectors.

Classic Projectors are the visionary conductors of the Human Design orchestra. Classic Projectors lack a motor center below their throat, setting them apart from other types. The Motor centers are the emotions (solar plexus), the ego (heart), and the root, and Sacral center.

Classic Projectors have an inherent knack for understanding systems and how various elements harmonize within them.

Imagine a classic projector as the skilled conductor leading a vast orchestra. They stand on the podium, guiding each section to play in perfect harmony. Their gift lies in orchestrating life’s elements, offering invaluable insights into optimizing systems, whether in work, relationships, or personal endeavors.


Mental Projectors are the analytical strategists of the Human Design world. Mental Projectors typically have a defined Ajna center linked to either the Head or Throat center, without any other centers defined below their Throat center. The Ajna serves as the center of awareness and the conscious mind, facilitating conceptualization, analysis, and information processing.

Mental Projectors possess a sharp, discerning mind, often likened to a master chess player contemplating moves on the board. Just as a chess player carefully analyzes each piece and plans ahead, a mental projector meticulously evaluates and strategizes.

Because all energy centers below the throat are open for Mental Projectors, they are incredibly perceptive and can take in the energy, emotions, anxieties, etc. of their environments.

Their strength lies in their capacity to foresee the chessboard of life, making calculated moves to navigate challenges and make decisions that align with their authentic design. Their ultimate quest in this lifetime involves transitioning from being intellectually ‘smart’ to embodying wisdom.

Energy Projectors, on the other hand, embody the dynamic conductors of the Human Design symphony. Energy Projectors have one or more motor center defined – i.e., either your heart, emotional solar plexus or root center.

As a result, Energy Projectors typically have more fuel in their tank compared to a Classic Projector, but that also puts them at a higher risk of burnout as many feel compelled to match the pace of Manifesting Generators and Generators.

Picture a skilled conductor guiding a lively, spirited orchestra, their gestures influencing the tempo and rhythm. Energy Projectors possess an uncanny ability to sense, manage, and direct energy in various environments.

Like a conductor feeling the pulse of the music, they can discern and influence the energetic ebbs and flows of a situation, optimizing the tempo for optimal outcomes.

Regardless of type, Projectors possess an innate ability to read and guide the energies around them, driven by a keen eye for systems and efficiency.

Historically, human life was about survival, but with the shift from Saturnian to Uranian beings, we’re now in an era of creation and thriving. Projectors play a pivotal role in this, resembling the new-age CEOs of our world, here to guide, innovate, and redefine how we work and live.

For today’s Projectors, it’s about figuring out how to thrive, versus simply survive.

The Aura of a Projector

The Aura of a Projector

A Projector’s aura is focused and penetrating, akin to a spotlight on a stage.

This focused and absorbing aura allows Projectors to deeply see into systems and other people.

In comparison, Generators possess an inviting and warm aura, akin to a cozy fireplace that draws people in, providing comfort and energy.

Manifestors exude a potent and impactful aura, making their presence known wherever they go—comparable to a sudden gust of wind, stirring things up.

Reflectors showcase a lunar, sampling aura, reflecting and adapting to the energies surrounding them, mirroring the phases and environmental energies much like the moon.

Because of their focused aura, Projectors do their best work when allowed to focus. Attempting to focus on too many things at once dilutes the potency of a Projector’s aura. Quality over quantity is paramount.

I learned this lesson firsthand two years ago.

The CEO of the startup I co-founded (Karl) needed me to develop the company’s strategic planning process. At the time, we had no formal goal setting process – we were 100% flying by the seat of our pants!

I’d worked with Karl for a while and he’d taken a keen interest in how I did my best work. PS – my guess is he’s a Projector too but I digress 😉

When tee’ing up the assignment, Karl told me to block out my calendar for a week – specifically, to move meetings and finish up assignments so I could have time to think deeply about what was needed.

I focused on the assignment for the entire week and produced some of the best work product I’ve EVER created. Everyone on the team was blown away.

I learned a valuable lesson: if Projectors are given time and space to focus, they can do anything.

Importance of Rest and Rejuvenation

Importance of Rest and Rejuvenation

Due to their unique energy dynamics, Projectors need ample downtime.

Unlike Generators and Manifesting Generators who have a defined Sacral center providing them with consistent, sustainable energy for work throughout the day, Projectors’ Sacral centers are undefined, which means most Projectors don’t have a natural, enduring reservoir of consistent energy to sustain them through long work hours.

Working a standard 8-hour day can lead to exhaustion, burnout, and a decline in overall well-being for Projectors.

Projectors often thrive in shorter, intense bursts of energy rather than prolonged periods of consistent output. Hence, working in a condensed and focused manner allows Projectors to utilize their energy efficiently.

Rest, therefore, is vital for Projectors in maintaining their well-being and effectiveness.

And rest isn’t merely physical but also involves engaging with one’s genuine interests, allowing the aura to recharge and maintain its brilliance.

Rest can mean movement, meditation, creativity, etc. The type of ‘rest’ a Projector needs will vary person to person.

Projector needs will vary person to person | Jacques Anderson

It’s during these periods of rest and recuperation that Projectors can rejuvenate, integrate their experiences, and prepare for the next surge of energy, enabling them to offer their unique guidance and wisdom when the correct opportunities and invitations arise.

Understanding and honoring their need for rest is fundamental for Projectors to optimize their energy and live in alignment with their authentic design.

Rest isn’t a sign of laziness but a strategic approach for them to contribute their unique gifts effectively and meaningfully.

As a Projector, life isn’t about pushing forward but understanding the subtle rhythms and patterns that surround them.

In a world that often glorifies hustle, Projectors have to work hard to accept their need for rest without the urge to constantly grind like the rest of society.

Strategy: Waiting for the Right Invitation

Man hand shak, Waiting for the Right Invitation | Jacques Anderson

Each Human Design type has a distinct Strategy, which provides guidance on how we optimally interact with the universe and share our gifts with the world.

For Projectors, their strategy is to “Wait for the Invitation”.

In particular, Projectors truly flourish when they receive genuine recognition of their gifts and an invitation before dispensing their insights and sharing their gifts – especially as it relates to major areas of life – i.e., work, love, where to live, etc.

This strategic pause is a Projector’s safeguard against exhaustion, disillusionment, and the bitter taste of unappreciated counsel.

But in all realness, embracing this strategy requires both patience and faith.

It’s a belief in the timely arrival of the right opportunities, where their worth will be acknowledged. It’s an invitation to self-awareness, an inner compass guiding them to discern which invitations align with their essence.

Invitations don’t mean literal invitations but an energetic resonance. It can be a nod, a feeling, a slight opening.

Picture yourself at a grand ball. You’ve dressed up in your finest clothes and signaled that you’re open to dancing. Now, you’re simply waiting for an invitation to dance.

Projectors are similarly dance | Jacques Anderson

Projectors are similarly designed to wait for life’s invitations, ensuring they’re recognized and valued for their unique gifts.

Unlike Manifestors, who initiate and create their path, Generators who respond to what resonates, and Reflectors who take a lunar cycle to decide, Projectors aren’t here to push forward or respond immediately.

Projectors thrive when they receive a genuine invitation, a signal that their energies are appreciated and needed in a particular scenario. It’s about being in the right place at the right time, ready to share their profound insights and make a meaningful impact.

Are Projectors expected to wait and do nothing until an invitation comes? No.

This strategy is a far cry from a stance of inertia.

While waiting, Projectors should get clear and hone their skills, cultivate knowledge and nurture their well-being. This preparation primes them so that when the genuine invitation comes across their path, they are ready to seize it wholeheartedly, illuminating the way for others with their wisdom.

How Projectors Can Generate Invitations

Take their Maserati | Jacques Anderson

Simply put, Projectors must first recognize themselves and their gifts. Allowing others to see their brilliance is an important stepping stone to receiving invitations that feel aligned.

Many of my clients are Projectors and I frequently tell them to “take their Maserati out of the garage”.

Picture this: a fully loaded Maserati with all the bells and whistles. It’s red and shiny and has that yummy new car smell. This Masterti reflects Projectors with insane talent – they’re running circles around their peers.

But then, the Maserati is hiding in the garage. No one knows it exists. This is the key issue with many Projectors – not wanting to call attention to themselves and be seen (hi, it’s me, I’m people) so we hide in the garage, hoping we’ll get noticed for our talent.

But this approach can reduce the number of invitations a Projector can receive. How will a Projector get invited if no one knows they’re out there?

A Car in garag | Jacques Anderson

If a Projector has a knack for interior design, but no one in their network is aware, how will they get invitations for design projects?

Receiving invitations that feel exciting and aligned starts with recognizing yourself FIRST.

Bitterness and Success: Important Signposts for Projectors

 Not-Self and Signature | Jacques Anderson

In Human Design, there is a concept of “Not-Self” and “Signature” themes.
“Signature” theme refers to the consistent and harmonious emotional or energetic state that a person experiences when they are living in alignment with their true nature, design, and strategy.

It is like a steady hum or background emotion that accompanies a person when they are living out their purpose and utilizing their unique gifts and talents as per their Human Design type.

“Not-Self” theme refers to the state in which an individual operates when they are not aligned with their true essence, when their actions and decisions are driven by conditioning and societal expectations rather than their innate design.

It’s a disharmonious symphony, where one feels off-key with their authentic self.

For Projectors, their Signature theme is success – signaling alignment with their inner desires, while bitterness is their Not-Self theme – signaling misdirected energy.

Success and bitterness are important signposts in a Projector’s journey.

Success Left right | Jacques Anderson

Success often manifests as a profound sense of accomplishment, a deep knowing that you’re in the right place, at the right time. A feeling of recognition derived from sharing your insights and gifts.

On the flip side lies bitterness. A bitter taste when your wisdom goes unrecognized or when you try to initiate without invitation. The bitterness is a sign, a signal that it’s time to step back, to realign with the pattern that’s meant for you.

Understanding and embracing these emotional cues can be extremely helpful in staying in flow.

Projectors in Daily Life: Navigating Relationships and Work

It's about works | Jacques Anderson

For Projectors, it’s about seeing (versus doing).

Projectors possess an instinctive ability to see things that others might miss.

In the realm of work, Projectors possess a keen ability to guide and manage, making them exceptional leaders, consultants, and strategists.

However, their key to success lies in waiting for the right invitations. Rushing into work without recognition and invitation can lead to burnout and a sense of being undervalued.

It’s crucial for Projectors to focus on what truly captivates their interest, diving deep into those areas and patiently waiting for opportunities where they’re genuinely recognized for their expertise.

In relationships, Projectors bring a wealth of wisdom and understanding.

They have a natural ability to deeply perceive and guide others. However, they must extend this discernment to their personal lives as well. Choosing the right relationships is vital for a Projector’s well-being. They should surround themselves with individuals who genuinely appreciate and recognize their unique gifts.

important to build a supportive network | Jacques Anderson

It’s important to build a supportive network of people who genuinely see and appreciate them.

It’s essential for Projectors to communicate their needs openly, ensuring that the people in their lives understand their energy dynamics and respect their requirement for rest and rejuvenation.

Key insights for Projectors revolve around understanding that their energy isn’t designed for a consistent, exhaustive work routine. They thrive when they honor their energy levels and concentrate on their passions.

Waiting for invitations and recognizing the correct ones is at the heart of their success both professionally and personally. Trusting in the process and having patience is key.

Projector Children: Nurturing Them From a Young Age

Projector children possess | Jacques Anderson

Projector children possess a natural gift for perception and guidance, often noticing things that might escape others.

They can be inquisitive, curious, and inclined towards deep observation.

However, it’s vital for parents to recognize that Projector children, like all Projectors, have a unique energy dynamic. They are not designed for the same level of continuous activity as Generators or Manifesting Generators.

To create a nurturing environment for Projector children, parents should encourage them to identify their areas of fascination and interest. Helping them explore these realms and investing in their innate talents will allow them to flourish.

It’s essential to emphasize to Projector children that their unique way of seeing the world is a gift and guide them in recognizing their value.

Parents should also guide them to understand the importance of waiting for the right invitations, both in their childhood interactions and future endeavors.

In terms of behavior, Projector children might display a sense of wisdom beyond their years. They could be perceptive, offering insightful observations, and they might prefer quality interactions over quantity.

These children may have bouts of high energy and enthusiasm, but it’s essential for parents to recognize their need for regular breaks and adequate rest. Creating a balanced routine that aligns with their energy levels is crucial.

Additionally, parents should foster an environment where Projector children feel seen, recognized, and appreciated for their unique abilities.

A Babe with dog communication | Jacques Anderson

Encourage open communication, listen to their ideas and insights, and guide them to express themselves confidently.

It’s also important to educate teachers and caregivers about the Projector child’s energy dynamics to ensure a supportive atmosphere both at home and in educational settings.

Ultimately, nurturing a Projector child involves empowering them to trust their unique gifts, navigate their world authentically, and patiently await the invitations that align with their purpose.

Navigating Bumps in the Road

Self-exploration process | Jacques Anderson

To aid in the deconditioning and self-exploration process, below are some things Projectors should look out for:

1. Overstepping Boundaries: Projectors, in their eagerness to guide, might overstep and offer advice without being invited. It’s vital to honor your strategy and wait for recognition.

2. Burnout and Fatigue: Projectors often tend to push themselves, trying to match the energy levels of others. This can lead to burnout. Remember, your energy is about seeing, not doing.

3. Feeling Undervalued: When a Projector’s insights aren’t recognized or appreciated, it can lead to bitterness. Remember, your worth isn’t determined by external validation.

4. Lack of Patience or Settling: Waiting for the right invitation can be trying. Impatience might push you to initiate or settle, but honoring your strategy is essential for a fulfilling journey.

5. Feeling Guilty for Resting: Projectors often experience guilt because of their inconsistent energy levels and need for more rest compared to those in their immediate circles. Consequently, many Projectors tend to overlook their need for rest or experience shame because of it. It’s crucial to let go of both these emotions. Projectors have a special energy dynamic, and it’s entirely normal for them to require rest – sometimes more rest than the rest of their family or friends.

Want to Go Even Deeper?

Summing | Jacques Anderson

Here are additional resources to learn even more!

  1. Becoming an Empowered Projector: Thrive with Wisdom and Guidance from Human Design by Evelyn Levenson
    • Book for Projectors by a Projector. Evelyn is amazing. She’s been a Human Design Guide for years and brings an emphatic and relatable approach.
  2. What It Feels Like To Step Into Projector Success by Christie Inge
    • Christie, a 5/2 Splenic Projector, does a great job of leveraging her personal experiences to explain Human Design concepts.
  3. The Art of Being – Projector by Andrea Abay-Abay
    • Article on Jovian Archive that provides a comprehensive overview about Projector auras.

Are You Ready to Experiment?

Child Playing with Microscope, Try to Experiment | Jacques Anderson

My goal is to make everything with Human Design not only digestible but actionable!

So, below are thought-provoking questions, meditations and affirmations to jumpstart your self-discovery and transformation process. If you have questions or need support through this journey, please feel free to book time with me here.

Projector Affirmations:

If possible, say these affirmations in the morning, just after waking up, in a calm and focused state, setting a positive tone for the day ahead.

  • I trust in the timing of my life, I am waiting for the right invitation
  • My aura is a beacon of wisdom and guidance
  • I am here to guide

Contemplation Prompts:

I encourage you to simply mull them over or journal about them, whatever speaks to you:

  • What does success mean to me as a Projector?
  • How can I honor my strategy (wait for the invitation) more in my daily life?
  • Reflect on a situation where you felt bitter—how can you respond differently next time?
  • Are you hiding your Maserati in the garage? Are you recognizing your gifts or hiding them?

Guided Meditations:

These guided meditations will help you tap into your Projector aura and enhance your ability to wait for the right invitations.

     ✭  Aura Illumination Meditation

Start by finding a quiet and comfortable space to sit or lie down.

Close your eyes and take a few deep, calming breaths. Imagine a gentle, soothing light surrounding you—it represents your aura. Picture this light intensifying with each breath, growing brighter and more focused.

As a Projector, your aura is like a laser beam—precise and penetrating.

Visualize this light illuminating your path and providing clarity on where to direct your energy.

Embrace the understanding that waiting for the right invitations allows your aura to shine in its full brilliance.

With each inhale, imagine this light expanding, and with each exhale, feel a sense of alignment and confidence in waiting for the correct invitations.

Stay in this state for a few minutes, feeling the energy within and around you.

     ✭ Invitation Visualization Journey

Begin by settling into a relaxed position and taking a few deep breaths.

Close your eyes and envision a beautiful, tranquil garden. Picture yourself standing at the entrance, representing your present state in life.

As a Projector, you thrive on recognition and invitations.

Walk through the garden, and with each step, visualize different scenarios where you receive genuine recognition and invitations that align with your energy and purpose.

Feel the joy, fulfillment, and ease that come with these interactions.

Take note of how waiting for the right invitations amplifies your energy and allows you to guide and support others effectively.

Feel a sense of contentment and satisfaction with this approach.

Spend a few moments basking in the positive emotions and sensations this visualization brings.

These guided meditations can help Projectors tap into their unique energy and embrace their strategy of waiting for the right invitations.

Key Takeaways

Image and text summary in pink | Jacques Anderson

In closing, let’s recap the main points:

1. Projector Role and Aura: Projectors, constituting about 20% of the population, are here to guide and bring efficiency. Their aura is focused and penetrating, allowing deep exploration and understanding of specific interests. Quality over quantity is vital for them, and they thrive when given space to focus.

2. Importance of Rest and Invitation: Due to their unique energy dynamics, Projectors need ample downtime and should work in shorter, intense bursts. Their strategy involves waiting for genuine recognition and invitation before sharing their gifts. Rest isn’t laziness but a strategic approach for Projectors to contribute their unique gifts effectively and meaningfully.

Importance of Rest and Invitation | Jacques Anderson

3. Bitterness and Success: Success is the signature theme for Projectors, aligning with their inner desires and utilization of their gifts. Bitterness, the not-self theme, arises when their wisdom goes unrecognized, when they initiate without invitation, or otherwise experience some misalignment. These emotional cues are vital in staying in flow and authenticity.

4. Navigating Work, Relationships, and Parenting: Projectors excel in guiding and managing at work, but they need to focus on what truly captivates their interest and patiently wait for genuine recognition. In relationships, choosing the right connections is crucial for their well-being. In parenting Projector children, fostering a nurturing environment that recognizes their unique way of seeing the world and emphasizes waiting for the right invitations is essential.

5. Where to Watch Out: Projectors need to be cautious of overstepping boundaries by offering advice without invitation, experiencing burnout by trying to match others’ energy levels, feeling undervalued when their insights go unrecognized, lacking patience and settling for less, and feeling guilty for needing more rest due to their unique energy dynamics. Deconditioning from these areas is essential for their journey.

Your Transformative Journey Awaits

Written in Wood, Transform Wounds Into Wisdom| Jacques Anderson

Are you ready to start your journey of radical self-discovery? I invite you to take the next step by downloading your free Bodygraph from my website here.

If you’re ready to dive even deeper, consider scheduling a Human Design reading with me. More information can be found here.

No matter which path you take, I wish you luck on your journey of experimenting and leaning into your design!
Thank you for joining me on this adventure.

Leapt into the sky Jacques Anderson, Happy Face | Jacques Anderson

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