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Recently, I took the most amazing (and spontaneous 😅) trip to the coast of Oaxaca. 

After the holidays I was feeling socially exhausted and just kind of run down from the roller coaster that was 2023. 🥵

I think of my energy as my “Projector battery pack” and it was feeling low. 🪫

So I meditated, took a walk in my favorite park (below is a picture of my favorite tree – the picture doesn’t even do her justice), and received the intuitive download  that what I REALLY needed was a getaway.

And time alone to recharge. 

I wanted to spend introspective time in nature, to reflect and digest 2023. 

Looking back I was in a food rut (which happens sometimes), and I felt called to eat delicious, healthy whole foods. 🍎🥬

I wanted to reconnect with myself, the majesty of the universe, and others – but I didn’t want social interaction 100% of the time. 🙅🏾‍♀️ 

I sought out inspiration to write, create, and think of new ideas. 

Sunset Mazunte Mexico

Unsurprisingly, my Root Center roared to life and I sprang into action lol! 

First, I checked popular retreat websites like bookretreats.com  and no me gusta. I couldn’t find anything I liked. 

So I asked the universe. 

I legit asked the universe during meditation to send a retreat my way that seemed powerful and healing. That matched the criteria above. 

For two days, crickets. 

But on the morning of the second day, something told me to check a popular WhatsApp group that often posts about healing ceremonies, retreats, etc. 

And what do I see?

One spot left for an upcoming retreat…

  • in an eco-luxury off grid retreat center in Mexico ✅ 
  • that was 4 nights ( I did NOT have the social capacity for a longer retreat 😂) ✅ 
  • for healers, entrepreneurs and creators ✅✅ 
  • Included yoga, breathework, and ecstatic dance on the beach ✅  
  • and…is that a black female retreat leader?! ✅✅✅✅

I made haste to secure my spot 🗣️🗣️😭

I flew out in two days.

Long story short, I spent four wonderful days tapping into my inner goddess and unraveling what it means for me to live wild, free, liberated, and empowered. 

And, rather than going immediately back home, I stayed an extra week in the nearby hippie beach town of Mazunte to integrate and create. 

10/10 would recommend taking time after a retreat (if you can) to process! It’s my new life hack.

Sunrise in Mazunte – the sky would always turn this beautiful orange color prior to sunrise

The experience was magical and it really got me thinking about my intuition, and how Human Design has helped me tap into my intuition much more deeply. 

In Human Design, I have what’s called ‘Splenic Authority’, which means I’m designed to make decisions by listening to my intuition. 

At first, I was like “umm what” because I wasn’t as trusting of my intuition and intuitive gifts, plus I had trouble hearing it clearly. 

But over time, I learned to trust and listen to my intuition, giving me the confidence to make spontaneous, but perfectly aligned decisions like the retreat. 

For context, your “Authority” in Human Design, is the practical way to make decisions aligned with your authenticity. 

One of my favorite Human Design Guides, Christie Inge says your Authority is the primary way that our inner wisdom communicates about decisions, and I couldn’t agree more. 

If you don’t know your Authority, you can learn it by grabbing your free Human Design Bodygraph here. It’s the third paragraph under your name.  

There are 7 Authorities in total: Emotional, Sacral, Splenic, Ego, Self Projected, (Environ)mental, and Lunar Authority. 

We’ll cover them, plus new stuff, over the coming weeks. 

For now, just remember two key things: 

  1. Human Design Authority = how people best make aligned decisions 
  2. Splenic Authority = people who best make decisions by listening to their intuition; it often feels like a spontaneous knowing in the moment   

Who in your tribe has Splenic Authority? It’s likely they are quick decision makers; the person that ‘has a hunch or feeling’ about something. They can often identify the energetics of what’s happening.  

If you have Splenic Authority (~10% of the population), it’s important to remember that the Spleen (aka your intuition) often speaks in a ‘whisper’ and just once.

That’s one way to tell intuition from anxiety – if it’s a recurring thought that’s hard to get rid of, chances are that’s your monkey mind / anxiety and not your intuition, which often speaks just once in a given setting. 

Need help identifying your intuition? To Be Magnetic developed an entire chart that can help you decipher whether the intuitive hit you experienced (what she calls a ‘ping’) was actually a test, ping, or compulsion. Really interesting approach. 

Your intuition can hit at random times and feel fleeting – a beautiful thought lost on the wind. Sometimes it presents as the urge to randomly cross the street. 

The key is to listen and act upon your intuition. Take a trust fall with the universe, and watch the magic unfold. 

Are You Ready to Experiment?

Splenic Authority - observe your intuition

Practice: Write Down Your Intuitive Hits  

Regardless of your Human Design Authority, we all have access to our intuition. 

It’s like building up a muscle – the more you use and nurture your intuition, the stronger it becomes. 

One helpful tip for strengthening your relationship with your intuition is keeping a record of all of your intuitive hits. 

Our intuition often hits when we’re in the shower, on a walk, etc. and this practice allows us to simply become aware of the intuitive hit, and document it for further contemplation when we have time.

Recommendation: In your phone (or journal) create a Notes doc labeled “Intuitive Hits” and each time you receive a ping of intuition, write it down! 

Be sure to include the (1) date, (2) description of the ping; and (3) if possible, a brief description of how it came up or what you were doing (for ex: walking on the beach). 

Hot tip: That list 👆🏾is really helpful for understanding your personal patterns. 

Here’s a real example from my notes: 

10.3.23: Intuitive hit to take a walk in the park vs doing yoga; ended up meeting one of my neighbors who is the owner of the only Soul Food restaurant in Mexico City!  🤤

Now, your turn! 

Please send examples of what’s coming up for you at hello@jacquesanderson.com; would love to share them with this community. 🖤

Thank you for joining me on this adventure.

Jacques Anderson 2 | Jacques Anderson

Stay in touch! Follow the journey at @leanintoyourdesign on Instagram and TikTok.

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